Engineering Land & Building Surveys Ltd
Engineering Land & Building Surveys Ltd
Engineering Land & Building Surveys Ltd
40 years of experience operating as a consultant engineer
Engineering Land & Building Surveys Ltd
Engineering Land & Building Surveys Ltd
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Your Local Building Surveyors in Brighton

To ensure your renovation or construction project follows local planning authority standards, you will want a surveying company that you can rely on. For measured building surveys and laser scanning in Brighton, East Sussex, contact our team of experts. Our skilled and experienced team make sure you understand the rules for building and provide full service tracing, scanning, and surveying to make sure your project is sound before construction begins.
Engineering Land & Building Surveys Ltd

Complete Surveys

Using lasers and computers for accuracy, our surveys measure all of the physical dimensions of already existing physical structures. Working with both domestic and commercial clients, we measure each and every room of your property, inside and out, in order to complete specifications and locate power points you can build on in your design. Our services are suitable for all kinds of building extensions, from hotels to offices in Brighton and across the UK.

Daylight Access

When you undertake a construction project on your property, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your new extension does not block light access for your neighbours. By undertaking a rights of light survey, you’ll be able to rest assured that your building doesn’t restrict daylight to surrounding buildings.

Elevations and Listed Buildings

Detailed elevations and streetscapes are usually required for planning applications. Especially important for Grade 1 listed buildings, plans must be produced for English Heritage to ensure that your project will not adjust or damage the fabric of these buildings. Using remote laser equipment, our building surveys and tracing services will provide a permanent digital record of the building, including accurate measurements of the heights and positions of nearby buildings.

Laser Scanning

Rely on our laser scans to save you time, money, and worry when you’re preparing an upcoming construction project in Brighton. Utilising the latest technology, we are able to generate 3D models of properties. Whether you want to replicate a structure or create a permanent record, these models are flexible, useful, and near perfect in their accuracy. Suitable for dangerous or inaccessible locations, our unmanned automatic machine provides the next generation of building survey in Brighton.

Engineering Land & Building Surveys Ltd
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